7 October 2021

09:30 h – 10:00 h Welcome address

  • Manuel F. González Penedo, director of CITIC
  • Mariano Cabrero, dean of the Faculty of Computing of University of A Coruña
  • Martín López Nores, deputy director of AtlanTTic of University of Vigo

10:00 h – 10:45 h Keynote

  • Ana Freire, director of Technology Area of the UPF Barcelona School of Management: “Technology designed by and for humans”

10:45 h – 10:50 h Pause

10:50 h – 11:50 h Oral presentations I

Chairperson: Marco Antonio Álvarez González, postdoctoral researcher at CITIC

  • 10:50 h – 11:00 h.- «Using Reinforcement Learning in the Path Planning of Swarms of UAVs for the Photographic Capture of Terrains». Alejandro Puente Castro, Daniel Rivero, Alejandro Pazos, Enrique Fernández Blanco
  • 11:00 h – 11:10 h.- «Development and testing of motion detection techniques for subjects with cerebral palsy». Clara Lebrato Vázquez, Alberto Jesús Molina Cantero, Juan Antonio Castro García, Manuel Merino Monge, Isabel María Gómez González
  • 11:10 h – 11:20 h.- «Smart Bracelet for emotional enhancement in children with autism spectrum disorder». Alba Ortolan Soto, Juan Antonio Castro García, Alberto Jesús Molina Cantero, Manuel Merino Monge, Isabel María Gómez González
  • 11:20 h – 11:30 h.- «Study of blood pressure measurement using non-invasive methods». Mariña González Pena, Juan Antonio Castro García, Alberto Jesús Molina Cantero, Manuel Merino Monge, Isabel María Gómez González
  • 11:30 h – 11:40 h.- «Automatic Segmentation and Visualisation of the Epiretinal Membrane in OCT Scans Using Densely Connected Convolutional Networks». Mateo Gende Lozano, Joaquim de Moura Ramos, Jorge Novo Buján, Pablo Charlón Cardeñoso, Marcos Ortega Hortas
  • 11:40 h – 11:50 h.- «Realistic portable chest X-ray synthetic image generation for the analysis of COVID-19». Daniel I. Morís, Joaquim de Moura, Jorge Novo, Marcos Ortega

11:50 h – 12:00 h Pause

12:00 h – 13:00 h Oral presentations II

Chairperson: Alejandro Mosteiro Vázquez, IT Department, CITIC

  • 12:00 h – 12:10 h.- «Automatic Pipeline for Detection and Classification of Phytoplankton Specimens in Digital Microscopy Images of Freshwater Samples». David Rivas-Villar, José Rouco, Rafael Carballeira, Manuel G. Penedo, Jorge Novo
  • 12:10 h – 12:20 h.- «Survey on Preprocessing Techniques for Big Data Projects». Ignacio David Lopez Miguel
  • 12:20 h – 12:30 h.- «Embedding ROS in a novel low-cost assistive robotic platform». Jaime Mas Santillán, Francisco Javier Acevedo Rodríguez, Roberto Javier López Sastre
  • 12:30 h – 12:40 h.- «The influence of brain activity on the interactive process through Biofeedback mechanisms in Virtual Reality environments». Rita Costa, Paulo Veloso Gomes, António Marques, António Correia, Javier Pereira
  • 12:40 h – 12:50 h.- «Deep multi-segmentation approach for the joint classification and segmentation of the retinal arterial and venous trees in color fundus images». José Morano, Álvaro S. Hervella, Jorge Novo, José Rouco
  • 12:50 h – 13:00 h.- «RGen: Data Generator for Benchmarking Big Data Workloads». Rubén Pérez-Jove, Roberto R. Expósito, Juan Touriño

13:00 h – 13:10 h Pause

13:10 h – 14:10 h Oral presentations III

Chairperson: José Joaquim de Moura Ramos, postdoctoral researcher at CITIC

  • 13:10 h – 13:20 h.- «LectO: An app for cognitive stimulation through games in early childhood». Pedro Nogueiras, Paula M. Castro, Adriana Dapena
  • 13:20 h – 13:30 h.- «Collaborative Digital Twin: a Novel Open-Source Augmented Reality Solution for Training and Maintenance Processes in the Shipyard of the Future». Aida Vidal-Balea, Óscar Blanco Novoa, Paula Fraga Lamas, Miguel Vilar Montesinos, Tiago M. Fernández Caramés
  • 13:30 h – 13:40 h.- «A bi-objective scheduling problem in a home care business». Isabel Méndez Fernández, Silvia Lorenzo Freire, Ángel Manuel González Rueda
  • 13:40 h – 13:50 h.- «Proposal and integration of functionalities for an assistive platform in complex indoor environments». Victoria Noci Luna, Saturnino Maldonado Bascón, Sergio Lafuente Arroyo, María del Pilar Martín Martín, Roberto Javier López Sastre
  • 13:50 h – 14:00 h.- «Nonparametric inference for mixture cure model when cure information is partially available». Wende Clarence Safari, Ignacio López de Ullibarri, María Amalia Jácome
  • 14:00 h – 14:10 h.- «Detection of DoS attacks in an IoT environment with MQTT protocol based on intelligent binary classifiers». Álvaro Michelena, Francisco Zayas Gato, Esteban Jove, José Luis Calvo Rolle

14:10 h – 15:30 h Pause

15:30 h – 16:30 h Oral presentations IV

Chairperson: Marco Antonio Álvarez González, postdoctoral researcher at CITIC

  • 15:30 h – 15:40 h.- «ParRADMeth: A parallel tool for the identification of differentially methylated regions in genomic analyses». Alejandro Fernández Fraga, Jorge González Domínguez, Juan Touriño
  • 15:40 h – 15:50 h.- «Quantum Arithmetic for Directly Embedded Arrays». Daniele Musso, Alberto Manzano, Andrés Gómez, Carlos Cendón, Álvaro Leitao, María Nogueiras, Gustavo Ordóñez Sanz
  • 15:50 h – 16:00 h.- «Developing a simulation model for autonomous driving education in the Robobo SmartCity framework». Daniel Juanatey, Martín Naya, Tamara Baamonde, Francisco Bellas
  • 16:00 h – 16:10 h.- «Virtual reality at the service of people with functional diversity: personalized intervention spaces». Manuel Lagos Rodríguez, Thais Pousada García, Ángel Gómez García, Jessica Martín Serra
  • 16:10 h – 16:20 h.- «Multiple-Choice Question Answering Models for Automatic Depression Severity Estimation». Jorge Gabín, Javier Parapar, Anxo Pérez
  • 16:20 h – 16:30 h.- «On the adaptive numerical solution to the Darcy-Forchheimer model». María González Taboada, Hiram Varela Rodríguez

16:30 h – 16:40 h Pause

16:40 h – 17:40 h Oral presentations V

Chairperson: José Joaquim de Moura Ramos, postdoctoral researcher at CITIC

  • 16:40 h – 16:50 h.- «Development of a server for the implementation of data processing pipelines and ANN training». Brais Galdo, Daniel Rivero Cebrián, Enrique Fernández Blanco
  • 16:50 h – 17:00 h.- «PICTOTEMPO: An app for personal organization in autism spectrum disorders». Noé Vila Muñoz, Paula M. Castro, Óscar Fresnedo
  • 17:00 h – 17:10 h.- «E-Voting System using Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain and Smart Contracts». Javier Díaz Santiso, Paula Fraga Lamas
  • 17:10 h – 17:20 h.- «Alternatives for locating people using cameras and embedded AI accelerators: a practical approach.». Ángel Carro Lagoa, Valentín Barral, Miguel González López, Carlos J. Escudero, Luis Castedo
  • 17:20 h – 17:30 h.- «Quantile-based fuzzy C-means clustering of multivariate time series: Robust techniques» Ángel López Oriona, Jose Vilar, Pierpaolo D’Urso, Borja Lafuente Rego
  • 17:30 h – 17:40 h.- «Mixed Reality in an Operating Room using HoloLens 2 – the use case of the remote assistance from manufacturers technicians during the surgeries». Rita Veloso, Renato Magalhães, António Marques, Paulo Veloso Gomes, Javier Pereira

17:40 h – 17:50 h Pause

17:50 h – 18:50 h Oral presentations VI

Chairperson: Alejandro Mosteiro Vázquez, IT Department, CITIC

  • 17:50 h – 18:00 h.- «Application for Decision-Making on Mild Cognitive Impairments». Erick González Martín, Alberto Alvarellos, Virginia Mato Abad, Isabel Jiménez, Francisco Cedrón
  • 18:00 h – 18:10 h.- «Tool for SPARQL querying over compact RDF representations». Delfina Ramos Vidal, Guillermo de Bernardo
  • 18:10 h – 18:20 h.- «Succinct Data Structures in the Realm of GIS». Nieves R. Brisaboa, Pablo Gutiérrez Asorey, Miguel R. Luaces, Tirso V. Rodeiro
  • 18:20 h – 18:30 h.- «Deep Learning-based method for computing Initial Margin». Joel Pérez Villarino
  • 18:30 h – 18:40 h.- «Low Cost Automated Security Audit System». Pedro Fernández Arruti Gallego, Julio Jairo Estévez Pereira, Francisco Javier Nóvoa Manuel, José Carlos Dafonte Vázquez, Diego Fernández Iglesias
  • 18:40 h – 18:50 h.- «An Analysis of the Current Implementations Based on the WebAuthn and FIDO Authentication Standards». Martiño Rivera Dourado, Marcos Gestal, Alejandro Pazos Sierra, José M. Vázquez Naya


8 October 2021 

09:30 h – 11:10 h Oral presentations VII

Chairperson: Alejandro Mosteiro Vázquez, IT Department, CITIC

  • 09:30 h – 09:40 h.- «Applying Artificial Intelligence for Operating System Fingerprinting». Rubén Pérez Jove, Alejandro Pazos Sierra, José M. Vázquez Naya
  • 09:40 h – 09:50 h.- «Monitoring of older adults daily activity and sleep with Xiaomi Mi Band 2». María del Carmen Miranda Duro, Laura Nieto Riveiro, Betania Groba, Nereida Canosa
  • 09:50 h – 10:00 h.- «Design of Machine Learning models for the prediction of transcription factor binding regions in bacterial DNA». Sara Álvarez González, Iván Erill
  • 10:00 h – 10:10 h.- «The Effect of Music on Brain Activity and Emotional State». Joana Cunha, Paulo Veloso Gomes, António Marques, Javier Pereira
  • 10:10 h – 10:20 h.- «Numerical simulations and modal analysis to investigate the defects in a coating process». David Barreiro Villaverde, Marcos Lema, Anne Gosset
  • 10:20 h – 10:30 h.- «Development of Dual Activities with Micro:Bit for Intervention in People with Cerebral Palsy». Ainhoa Molinero Rodríguez, Rubén Carneiro Medín, Carmen Miranda Duro, Laura Nieto Riveiro, Paula Castro Castro, Adriana Dapena
  • 10:30 h – 10:40 h.- «Close Binary Stars in Planetary Nebulae through Gaia EDR3 Archive». Iker González Santamaría, Minia Manteiga, Carlos Dafonte
  • 10:40 h – 10:50 h.- «SQoF-WEAR project. The use of wearable devices to identify the impact of stress on workers’ quality of life». Patricia Concheiro Moscoso, Betania Groba, Sílvia Monteiro Fonseca, Nereida Canosa, Cristina Queirós
  • 10:50 h – 11:00 h.- «Development of a pipeline for streaming data ingestion in an AI-based anomaly detection system». Iván Perrin, Manuel López Vizcaíno, M. A. Álvarez, Daniel Garabato, Francisco J. Nóvoa
  • 11:00 h – 11:10 h.- «Improving medical data annotation including Humans in the Machine Learning Loop» José Bobes Bascarán, Eduardo Mosqueira Rey, David Alonso Ríos

11:10 h – 11:20 h Pause

11:20 h – 12:00 h Poster session I

Chairperson: Marco Antonio Álvarez González, postdoctoral researcher at CITIC

  • «PRACTICUM DIRECT Simulator for decision making during pandemics». Alejandro Puente Castro, Brais Galdo, Ismael Said Criado, David Baltar Boileve, Juan R. Rabuñal, Alejandro Pazos, Modesto Martínez Pillado
  • «Promoting Physical Activity in People with Functional Diversity through a Multiplayer Musical Game». Manuel Merino Monge, Alberto Jesús Molina Cantero, Juan Antonio Castro García, Clara Lebrato Vázquez, Isabel María Gómez González
  • «COVID-19 lung radiography segmentation by means of multiphase transfer learning» Plácido Francisco Lizancos Vidal, Joaquim de Moura, Jorge Novo, Marcos Ortega
  • «Performance optimization of a parallel error correction tool». Marco Martínez Sánchez, Roberto R. Expósito, Juan Touriño
  • «Design, implementation and validation of a Bluetooth 5 real-time monitoring system for large indoor environments». Iván Froiz Míguez, Tiago M. Fernández Caramés, Paula Fraga Lamas
  • «Applicability of Clinical Decision Support in Management among Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery in Intensive Care Unit: A Systematic Review». Patricia Concheiro Moscoso, Miguel Pereira, Francisco José Martínez Martínez, Thais Pousada, Javier Pereira
  • «Computational Radiological Screening of Patients with COVID-19 using Chest X-ray Images from Portable Devices». Joaquim de Moura, Lucía Ramos, Plácido L. Vidal, Milena Cruz, Laura Abelairas, Eva Castro, Jorge Novo, Marcos Ortega
  • «Training of Machine Learning models for recurrence prediction in patients with respiratory pathologies». Ainhoa Molinero Rodríguez, Carla Guerra Tort, Victoria Suárez Ulloa, José Manuel López Gestal, Javier Pereira, Vanessa Aguiar Pulido
  • Questions

12:00 h – 12:05 h Pause

12:05 h – 12:45 h Poster session II

Chairperson: José Joaquim de Moura Ramos, postdoctoral researcher at CITIC

  • «Single-index mixture cure models. Image preprocessing to obtain a functional covariate». Beatriz Piñeiro Lamas, Ricardo Cao, Ana López Cheda
  • «Bootstrap selector for the smoothing parameter of Beran’s estimator». Rebeca Peláez Suárez, Ricardo Cao, Juan Manuel Vilar
  • «COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Passport Based on Blockchain with its own Cryptocurrency as a Reward and Mobile App for its Use». Mauro Alberto de Los Santos Nodar, Tiago Manuel Fernández Caramés
  • «Detection of chocolate properties using near-infrared spectrophotometry». Brais Galdo, Daniel Rivero Cebrián, Enrique Fernández Blanco
  • «Simulation of the fluid-structure interaction in fishing nets». Sergio Roget Mourelle, Marcos Lema Rodríguez, Anne Gosset
  • «A deep learning-based strategy to predict self-interference in SFN DTV». Dariel Pereira Ruisánchez, Darian Pérez Adán, Luis Castedo
  • «Address Space Layout Randomization Comparative Analysis on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS». Raquel Vázquez Díaz, Martiño Rivera Dourado, Rubén Pérez Jove, Pilar Vila Avendaño, José M. Vázquez Naya
  • «Towards a semi-automated data-driven requirements prioritization approach for reducing stakeholder participation in SPL development». María Isabel Limaylla Lunarejo, Nelly Condori Fernández, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Luaces
  • Questions

12:45 h – 13:30 h Keynote

  • Rui Carlos Oliveira, member of the Advisory Committee of Directors of INESC TEC of Porto and professor at the University of Minho: “Emergency Research – Help fighting a pandemic”

13:30 h – 14:00 h Prizes

  • Chair: Javier Pereira Loureiro, Deputy Director of CITIC
  • Participants:
    • Fernando Vázquez, member of the Board of Directors of the Cluster TIC Galicia and CEO of Imatia
    • Fernando Suárez Lorenzo, President of Professional Association of Computer Engineering of Galicia (CPEIG).
    • Óscar González Represas, Managing Director of IT and Software Engineering of Technological Institute of Galicia (ITG)
    • Mariano Cabrero, dean of the Faculty of Computing of University of A Coruña, representing Aldaba WIB Chair, UDC-Everis Chair in Digital Transformation and R Chair in Cybersecurity
    • Jesús Javier Celemín Santos, Councilor for Education, Historical Memory, Innovation, Industry and Employment of A Coruña City Council, representing The Galician Research Center for ICT Foundation

14:00 h – 14:30 h Closing address

  • Julio E. Abalde Alonso, rector of the University of A Coruña
  • Manuel F. González Penedo, Director of CITIC