Five prizes of 300 € will be granted by the Scientific Committee recognising the quality, excellence and originality of oral presentations.

The sponsoring entities of the awards are the following:

Selection of articles for a special issue of the open acess journal "Applied Sciences" [1]:

The 5 best papers presented at the conference, both online and poster, will be invited to be expanded for publication as scientific article in the special issue "Advances in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)" [2] in "Applied Science", free of charge. The articles that pass the peer review process of the journal will be published and their cost will be borne by the XoveTIC (1.674 euros/article).

[1] Applied Sciences (ISSN: 2076-3417). Current Impact Factor: 2.474. JCR category rank: 32/91 (Q2) in 'Engineering, Multidisciplinary'; 62/154 (Q2) in 'Physics, Applied'.